21 March 2011

Last 6 Months in 4 Paragraphs... lol

Honestly I forgot that I had a blogspot... haha! Way back when this was the kool thing to do and now.... its facebook. Oh how times have changed!!

We are all doing GREAT!!! Lets update a little... I don't know when I posted last, so I'll just start from last August.

Aug. 29, 2010 - Tayg broke his leg jumping on gramma's tramp. :( 3 days before his third birthday. Poor boy!! He was put in a splint at first and then was actually casted on Sept. 1 (his birthday) so EVERYONE wrote "Happy Birthday" all over the cast. He was in a cast for 8 weeks, then had to attend 5 weeks of physical therapy after. It was a long LOOONG process. But he is perfectly okay now!!!

That same week the kids started skool. My lil man, Kylan started Kindergarten this year. Unlike me this kid LOVES to learn and enjoys everyday of skool! That makes me so happy!! Christian is in 5th grade and will be moving out of the "kiddie" skool next year *sniff sniff* my baby is growing up too quickly... I feel soooo old!!

Oct. 2010 - Candi and I traveled to the Great Salt Lake area to take the Utah Counselors Test. We both passed... YAY! But now we just have to wait for openings. :/

Turkey Day 2010 was spent up in Salt Lake at Jen's house. Even though everyone was optimistic about Dee cooking the turkey he did a wonderful job!! The kids all had a good time playing with their cousins!

January 2011 - I graduated with my Associates degree in Criminal Justice... FINALLY!! Rehab would be so proud that I actually finished something. lol I am now working on my Bachelors in the same subject. I am hoping that after skool I will be able to work as a youth probation officer.

The kids are doing good in skool and their grades are really really good. Taygen begs everyday to go to skool and he keeps saying, "but mom im bigger today!!" It is so dang cute and heart breaking that he can't go. So grampa has set up a daycare/skool just for tayg! Here they color, watch Go Diego Go! read the newspaper and run errands. lol Taygerz loves his grampa!!

We purchased a pass to the new Wellness Center here in town. Christian loves the place and begs (literally!) to go work out everyday!! I am so excited that he wants to work out!! I think this will be a good strengthing/growing process for both of us. Exercising and getting fit together!!

Well that is about it for now... at least we are up to date!! :p

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